Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2013

Do not even look at the calendar...

Heya! Oh my god, the end is getting closer...

Les Misérables
Friday night we (Cecilia, Rachel and me) went out to watch the new film "Les Misérables". It is a famous musical, originally after the French novel from 1862 by Victor Hugo, dealing with the theme of the French revolution (and a bit more). Cecilia loved it, but Rachel and me - well, we're just not that into musicals... Why do they have to sing every single word they want to tell us? :P But still, it has an interesting story and great actors, so if you like musicals...

Yep, Karla had some badminton matches again.
Saturday afternoon, I played the final of division 6. We woon! :D We are Wexford champions! We got a pretty big trophy which will stay with me until I leave :)

Trophyy :D Is going to be shooted more.
The sunday after, I had an intercounty tournament in Dublin. We played three different counties, won all our matches, and eventually were in the final against Dublin itself. I'll make it short, we won this as well. Badumm! So we became Leinster champions! :D
I got a pretty medal and a Wexford t-shirt (so cool if you have that in Germany).
Oh, and afterwards the Wexford team went to a restaurant celebrating, as the county pays for a meal for the entire team!

A special hall only for badminton!
So hard guys
Sometimes, when you walk around the town, you can witness some young lads pretending to be very hard and ruthless. But their coolness stays exactly as long as you do not see one detail.
A two litre milk churn in the hand of one of them!
I had already noticed before that the Irish drink more milk than I am used to - it is normal to take a bottle of milk to school and drink it for lunch - but this time it really made me laugh because of the explicit contrary.

The cosy pub Paddy Blues
The time is flying. Next week I will return home, to Germany, to my old normal life. Well, it kind of is new as well. Because I won't be the same as before and the others too. We all developed further.
Although it is really great here, I have to admit that I am a bit looking forward to coming home. Until then, I try to do as much as I can here in Ireland - this Friday I will go to Dublin, for one last time. :/

I heard in Germany you have snow! I am so jealous! Let's hope it is going to wait for me.
That is all for now,
Karla 0:)

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