Montag, 24. Dezember 2012

Let's talk about Santa, presents and awkward encounters

Heya! Yeeyy we finally have holidays!! :D
I will just ignore the survived 21. if that is ok. ;)

Turn all the lights on!
In spite of the lack of money in this country, the Irish still love decorating their houses for Christmas. Two weeks ago we already had our Christmas tree - but here it is common to have a plastic one. And especially in our part of Hazelwood, there is a small battle between the neighbours; "who has the decoratest house?" I have to say, it is us. ;D

Mine :)

 Sweet 16

Since Sunday the 16th I am 16! Must say I feel no difference, in Ireland I'm not even allowed something interesting...
At this date, I skyped with my mum and sister for three hours (!), with my dad for one, and then went out with Cecilia and Diana - just walking around the town, looking at shops and chatting. And I got presents!

CD, book and SD card for my phone - dad
Bracelet - Diana
Necklace - Hostfamily

A Celtic cross!

Small Spa-set - Neighbour
Cool little things and Close-up lenses for my camera - mum
Selfpainted picture - Inga (my sister)
Candy and necklace - Jelena and Akvile (friends)
Hollistershirt - Cecilia

A night out
Cecilia turned 17 on Friday. After watching four different films in school (Chipmunks, Kevin alone in New York, Hunger Games and a documentary about the apocalypse), going home already at one o'clock and spending a bit time with Diana, Anna and Cecilia in The Tea House, we (Cecilia and me) went out with six others. To the pubs. Seriously, I have never seen that many people in Gorey! The whole town must have been in the pubs! We stayed in one pub until we were kicked out (as most of us are not 18 yet) and then went to the next one (some let us stay, some not). It got awkward when we met my (and Paul's) Maths teacher... *Hides behind hairs*

Karla and Cecilia alone
As Cecilia always has do something, on Saturday we went to the cinema and watched "Pitch perfect". We were the only ones in the entire hall, so we could talk what we wanted and sit wherever we wanted etc... :D
The film is o.k. by the way, interesting and funny to watch, but at the end of the day just a typically  girly American film with topics you have already come across like ten times.

Santa Claus is coming to town

Sorry, he was just too fast. But you can see that there is Santa on a motorcycle
...Followed by two of these busses. :D Gorey is cool!
Yesterday I eventually bought the last Christmas present - Saoirse's - and other stuff in Dublin's shopping center Dundrum, which was not as crowded as we expected - on Sunday the 23rd!
Tomorrow there will be a big big meal - with turkey, ham and all meat you can imagine... Vegetarian hell. Well, we will see what I will eat
So, I wish you all:
Merry Christmas
Frohe Weihnachten
Joyeux Noël
Feliz Navidad
and: Nollaig Shona (Irish)

Karla 0:)

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  1. Also ehrlich Karla :D die ganze zeit nur in irgendwelchen Pubs hier ;)
    Haha :D also ich fand Pitch Perfect toll :D Hauptsache du schreibst hier die ganze Zeit was du für Filme gesehen hast und ICH hab die alle schon VOR dir gesehen ;D

  2. Hehe ja, ist aber echt so. Liegt daran, dass man in Gorey halt wirklich nicht soo viel machen kann und es aber um die 12 Pubs gibt... ;p
    Wann hast du pitch perfect denn gesehen? Ja er ist schon kurzweilig, jedoch wenn du dann spaeter naeher ueber den Film nachdenkst, hat man das alles iwie schonmal gesehen. ;)
    Du scheinst aber auch oft ins Kino zu gehn, was? ;D


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