Donnerstag, 29. November 2012

Nothing really, but still a lot

I am afraid of next week...
Do you know why?                            
We will have our Christmas Exams. \(-.-)/
I should be the one fearing it least, as it does not count or anything for my German school. I actually do it just for the craic.
But still, it is a loooot of studying involved.
The exams will take place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - for all subjects I have!
Every day you come to school and write two exams - with 10 minutes break between these. You have two hours per subject. Uaaah! :P Pressure!! x_x
Well, so the teachers double and triple our work... I assume I am very good at writing essays now :P
The easiest subjects will be French and Japanese, to these exams I am nearly lookinf forward!

On Monday I had my first class as a "German teacher" *cough*. I should just dictate five easy questions - like "Wie heisst du? Wie alt bist du?" Hehe, yeah I have the feeling I reeeally can help them, and that is cool. :)

Apart from that nothing happened... oh wait, yes, I won another badminton match, a league match. But apart from that really nothing, as I am studying and studying as if I already had Abitur... So here some random pictures.

It is Cookietime! Take one ;)
And with it a cup of tea...


That was all for now, probably I will not write till I survived the exams,
Karla 0:)

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