Montag, 1. Oktober 2012

I feel good!

I am very sorry that I am writing so irregularly at the moment...

I had a fantastic weekend!
Last Friday there were no classes, so I used the day for getting sleep and going to the sanctuary to walk a dog. :D Such a sweet dog!!
Then, on Saturday, I had a friendly badminton match against a team from Dublin ( they drove 1,5-2h!). That was fun! I played Ladies double with Fiona from the other team and also mixed, both times we became 3rd oder 4th place (you don't know which one because we didn't play them off). Of course they all were adults, only Kosuke is in my age... But they are all so nice!!! You feel welcome.

Sunday I saw more water than in post 12 ("Today I saw a lot of water").
It was Kaspers birthday, and he went with Saoirse, Anna, Rachel and me to Glendalough. Again I noticed how GREEN it's here! In Glendalough there are some huge mountains, and we went onto one of them. It rained all the time - of course, we're in Ireland. ;)
We climbed 585 (although Saoirse counted 588) stairs (which were in a forest) up, and later down again. Ok, that doesn't sound very exciting, but it was a great experience and the view from above was cool ;D On the ground again, our legs were shaking! Not only mine, also Saoirse's and Rachel's! :P

Walking into the dark, dark forest (sry for the quality, it's the rain's fault)
Top of the world, yeah!

Rachel, me, Saoirse. What a cool tree!

Saoirse, throwing a stone into the biiig lake (and you can't see that but it was very windy)

I must say we were all a bit cold after this operation, so we went to this Cafe and had hot chocolat and chips (what a mix! :D ).

Mjammi mjam! :P

Thanks lord for hot chocolat!
After warming up we drove a few minutes to a beautiful old cemetery. Even cemeteries here are greener than in Germany!

Glendalough cemetery

In (or on) something which used to be a church...long time ago.
Never say I'm not cool B)
Finally we drove to the place you can see below - it is fantastic! There are huge stones and also the remains of a castle. We climbed on everything and took a lot of photos - but first, Saoirse and Rachel danced on a bridge over a river - den Tanz ohne Arme!

So, that was all for now, I'm veery tired, photoposts take much time...
Karla 0:)

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  1. Haha der Tanz ohne arme! :D
    Man ich vermisse dich voll und deine hübschen Fotos! :/ :D
    Und ja: ich muss das bei jedem Kommentar schreiben! xD :**

    1. Jep, ich hab da auch SOFORT an dich gedacht und ein Foto gemacht! :D
      Mach das von mir aus immer weiter, ich vermisse dich doch auch ;*

  2. Das war so genial als wir den Franze Dialog geschrieben haben xD Hauptsache ich kletter durch's Fenster rein :DD
    man immer noch 3 1/2 Monate bis du wieder da bist :/
    Du musst mir unbedingt genaues Datum und die Zeit sagen! :D


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