Mittwoch, 17. Oktober 2012

Autoglass instead of carglass

The three horses at the sanctuary

Tjaa, what should I say? At the moment every teacher has the opinion other teachers do not give us homework so they can give work for years... According to this I am very busy.
On Friday Aliesha had to go to Wexford (the town) to get her braces and so they took me with them so I could have a quick look at this lovely town at the sea. I saw my first Irish rainbow!!! But I didn't get kidnapped by an leprechaun with a pot of gold. ;D

I spent Saturday with Aliesha and her two lovely friends in the library, studying. Then, in the evening, the Italians and I went to meet three guys in a Pub. One of them also sang there, but that was already the most interesting thing. On the way home some boys invited us to their party (which we of course didn't join as our hostmums expected us to be home at 10.30).
On Sunday I went for a walk around Gorey with a boy, there were some interesting places I did not know before, here some pictures. :)

Different side of Ireland
Yeah, ok that looks maybe a bit too black and white but it matched best. ;)
The Germans among you know "carglass", don't you? Here it is named "autoglass"! The other way round! O_O Very strange if you ask me... very strange.
Popular pub "Browne's" in the evening
Last, a strange pic from me ;P (bored at night again)
That was all for now,
Karla 0:)

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  1. 1. Pferdcheeen :D *.*
    2. Wie konntest du nur nach Hause gehen ohne einen Kobold gefangen zu haben! ;)
    3. Okay das Bild könnte mir durch aus helfen ;) oder ich schreib ihn einfach an xD
    4. Hauptsache du bist hier voll im "Night Life" unterwegs :DD

    1. 1. jep, extra fuer dich :)
      2. ja man du glaubst ja gar nicht wie schnell diese kobolde sind! ;D versuch du mal einen zu fangen ;b
      3. Untersteh dich!!! ich wuesste da auch leute die ich anschreiben koennte... o.O
      4. aaber hallo, neidisch? ;)
      miss u...

    2. 1. du bist ja so ein netter Mensch :D
      2. man man man hätte ich nicht gedacht ^^
      Dann musst du halt noch schneller werden! :DD
      3. ach wüsstest du? ;)
      4. ja total neidisch :D aber ich muss ja nur noch bis Ende März warten ;)
      Ich/wir dich auch.... :/

    3. bis ende maerz warten? o.O Susi? Was hast du voor? O_o

  2. Dann werd ich 16 und mach PARTEEEEYY :D


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