Samstag, 1. September 2012

Today I saw a lot of water...

Ok, first of all: The student from my school, you know, Darragh McDonald, he won in the swimming competition! :D Badamm!
Yeah, I think whole Gorey was watching :P

Lots of German people told me that they were dreaming in English when they have been in an English-speaking country for only one week.. Well, I'm now here for exactly one week and I think still in German. Ok, sometimes in English too, but only sometimes. Naja, that'll change... someday.
Yesterday was my second day of school and I had my first Japanese lesson :D It'll be very interesting I think :)
Originally today I wanted to go shopping - I need tracksuit bottoms and have to buy some food.
But in the morning, Aliesha called her friend and arranged that they would go swimming with Saoirse and me :) So we went swimming. Did you know that in Ireland everyone has to wear a swimhat in a pool?? After swimming they showed me the town there, Courtown, it's very nice, with a lovely beach and cute houses. <3

And you know what?! A cousin of Saoirse and Aliesha brought loads of clothes from her for the two girls to wear. Aaand guess who got three T-Shirts, one scarf, one jacket and a coat?!! :DD
Greeaaat isn't it?

That was all for now, I have to study Japanese, Spanish, French, Maths and History...
Karla 0:)

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