Donnerstag, 6. September 2012

Having "craic"

First of all, here is my uniform:

Like this, it looks ok...
But then, I have to wear this jumper and everything is over... :/

Yesterday my local co-ordinator picked me and Kosuke (the Japanese boy) up after the 6. class, so we missed three classes ;) We drove to a EIL Orientation-meeting, where a woman told us things we already knew, but also interesting typical Irish words - like "craic", which means fun time and good conversation, or "deadly", which means very cool. B)
After that, another German exchange student came with me and we got to the badminton club together, where we also met Kosuke. It was really fun playing this time because there was a woman who is ca. as good as me and we played against each other. I also saw Kosuke playing - and of course he is veery good. I will learn a lot from him. They also want me to play for Gorey in the league (I think because they have not enought good women), to what I'm very looking forward!

Where I live: Hazelwood :)

Today I had my first P.E. lesson...
It waas...interesting/terrible/funny. All of this. Because first we were 49 students - in one gym. I met some nice girls there, but then we were splitted up in two groups and in my group there were only me and one other girl! So we had to play handball with ca. 20 boys! :o
They played very rude and without any plan how to play, just smashing everything with the ball. ;P Suddenly our teacher said that after no more than 3 passes, one pass must go to a girl. And that was my ruin. After one or two tries, every boy who had to pass to me came right down to me, threw it very carefully right into my arms and then startet shouting: "Throw it back! Throw it back!" Thank god, the other girl did not better than me. ;D
Ok, it was funny. But awkward ;p
Yeah, so much about P.E.

Greeeen! Isn't it? And the people are lovely. When I walked around taking photos, one man asked if I want him to stand somewhere to take a photo from him ;p

At the moment, I hear Saoirse singing "The one that got away" in the shower ;D

That was all for now,

Karla 0:)

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