Dienstag, 18. September 2012

Busy, black and white

Since Saturday I am volunteer at the local sanctuary! :D I will go there once a week to walk the dogs and look after the cats - They have little cute cat babies! I am very looking forward to that, I miss animals...

I went with 7 other girls to the cinema Saturday evening. We watched "To Rome with love", which made the Italians very happy because they live in Rome and knew all the places in the film. :) We all agreed that the film was not very good, because it didn't make much sense. It was interesting though.
After cinema we walked back to the city centre. Three of the girls left us there, but as for us remaining five, we went to an Italian restaurant - a very lovely one. It looked amazing, sadly I forgot to take photos... Maybe someday we'll go there again, then I will take some! ;p
At quarter past ten we had to leave, because our (host-)parents wanted us to return home. As you can see it's not normal in Ireland to stay out later than 9 o'clock. The streets were almost empty, although it was a Saturday night and there were several discos. o.O
Well, all in all, it was a great (Italian) evening with nice people <3

At the moment I really love learning... It's crazy, but I seriously absorb every information I get! Especially in Japanese, History and when I study Spanish and French at home by myself. I've got the feeling I have already learned so much in the short time I am here!
Sunday was relaaxed. Which means I sat in front of the TV and worked on some French texts. I will really have problems in French when I come back... Here I learn nothing not very much in this subject... :|
In EFL (English as a foreign language) we learn at the moment insults in English... :P Just putting this out there.

In the badminton club everything's great, in the next time I will also participate in tournaments. :D
Today I tried the extracurricular activity badminton. Well, the students there play just for fun, and that was it. ;D I think I will go to both, the extracurricular, because there are nice people, and the "real" club.

Sorry for the unspectacular pictures, I really haven't got the time for more... But I love the light in this photo :)

Ah, and because some people asked: Yes, the Irish really wear tracksuit bottoms a lot. Though especially the boys ;p

That was all for now,
Karla 0:)

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  1. Iiiiiiich habe ENDLICH deinen Blog gefunden, nennt mich den BOSS! ... Okay, Lisa hat mir den Link geschickt, egal.
    Zeig doch mal ein paar mehr Bilder von dir oder den Straßen oder deinen Freunden oder deiner Gastfamilie oder oder oder ... Ich bin so schrecklich neugierig. (((-:
    Und SELBSTVERSTÄNDLICH habe ich mich sofort als Leserin bei dir eingetragen! Wäre cool wenn du das auch bei mir machen könntest. ((-:

    Vermisse dich! )-:

    1. Haha, hey BOSS! :D
      Jaaa ich will ja auch mehr Fotos machen aber wie soll das gehen wenn ich jeden Tag bis 3.45 in der Schule hocke und danach den Rest des Abends lernen muss...?

  2. Mensch Karl du musst mal mehr posten und mehr auf Deutsch! :D Ich vermiss dich voll :(( Hab niemanden zum reden hier :( Wann genau kommst du zurück? 2 Tage später steh ich vor deiner Haustür ;) ( Ja ich bin so nett und gebe deiner Familie auch einen Tag ;) )

  3. Jetzt lueg mal nicht ich weiss ganz genau dass du noch andere zum Reden hast ;D Aber ich vermisse dich auch... Komme am 26. Januar zurueck (Papas B-Day!, das ist glaub ich ein Samstag... Oh Gott ich muss mir noch ein Praktikum organisieren! :o
    Ja tuut mir Leid aber ich hab nicht die Zeit zum mehr-Posten ;)


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